The CookieSwap menu:
  1. Starting in CookeSwap version 0.5.???, the CookieSwap Icon is displayed in the main Navigation Toolbar. 
    1. This icon is highly customizable.  For example, the profile name can be hidden, the icon can be removed and moved.  See this page for more details on the toolbar icon and how to customize it.  Here is what it looks like by default:
  2. In older versions of CookieSwap, the menu was displayed on the Status Bar.  Starting in Firefox4, the Status Bar (renamed to the Add-on) bar is not displayed by default.  So, if you still want to see the old Status Bar CookieSwap menu you must enable this bar by selecting  View->Toolbars->Add-On Bar in Firefox.  The CookieSwap menu in the Status Bar is located at the lower right hand corner of the browser window on what was called the Status Bar in Firefox 3 and earlier.  It is indicated by the icon of two little cookies with a green arrow between them
Special thanks to 'kiwidesign' for creating the CookieSwap icon for me!

How to move/remove/hide the CookieSwap toolbar icon:
  1. The CookieSwap toolbar is highly customizable.  Details are available here.

Here is a basic example on how to use CookieSwap
  1. Click on the CookieSwap area of the Status/Add-on Bar Panel (lower right corner of the browser) to bring up the CookieSwap menu. Select a profile (let's say 'Profile1')
  2. Go to a web e-mail site (like and login.  Wait about 15 seconds to let the page fully load (for example Gmail keeps loading for quite a bit after showing the Inbox).
  3. Bring up the CookieSwap menu again and select a different profile (let's say 'Profile2').
  4. The page automatically reloads.  Notice the site doesn't recognize you as the previous user. Login with a different username if you want.
  5. Use the CookieSwap menu to go back to Profile1 and again surf to the web e-mail's main page (like It recognizes you again as the first/original user that logged in!
    1. Note: Some sites (like Facebook) get a little confused when you swap profiles while viewing their web page and incorrectly show a login screen again after a CookieSwap profile change.  If this happens, just reload the site's main web page (like and the site will correctly recognize you as being logged as the user matching the CookieSwap profile.
Now you can easily look like multiple different people on the web by just changing your CookieSwap Profile.

To create new CookieSwap profiles, or to rename existing ones:
  1. Click on the CookieSwap area of the Status/Add-on Bar Panel
  2. Select 'Manage Profiles'
  3. From here you can Add/Delete/Rename profiles
Load with Profile1, change your profile and load that page again. Amazon seems to know things about you, huh?

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me or the mailing list via the Contact Info link.