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New CookieSwap Toolbar Icon

Starting in version CookieSwap 13.4.331, the CookieSwap Toolbar Icon is located in the main Navigation Bar (a.ka. the Toolbar) so you no longer need the Add-on/Status Bar visible to use CookieSwap. 

Although not much has changed, there are few things you should know:
  1. The CookieSwap Toolbar Icon is visible by default after installation but can be easily removed or moved.  To do this, open the 'Toolbar Layout' window located under the Firefox Options menu (in Firefox 29 this feature was moved to the 'overflow' button in the tool bar and you pick 'Customize').  Here is what that looks like on Windows:
  2. Once the Toolbar Layout Window is open you can remove/hide, move or restore the CookieSwap icon:
    1. Remove/hide: You can remove the CookieSwap icon by dragging it from the browser window to the Toolbar Layout Window. 
    2. Move: You can move the CookieSwap icon by dragging it to your favorite place on the browser
    3. Restore: You can restore the CookieSwap icon by dragging it from the Toolbar Layout Window to the browser window.
  3. If you find the CookieSwap Toolbar Icon is too large (for example because you have a large profile name), then you can disable the profile name from displaying so you only see the CookieSwap icon.   This option is available under the CookieSwap options window (click the CookieSwap icon and select 'Options':
  4. After clearing the 'Display name in the Toolbar' option, the collapsed view looks like this:
  5. Unfortunately, with the collapsed view, the only way to know which CookieSwap profile is active is to either click on the CookieSwap icon or hover over it to see the active profile displayed in the tooltip.

See this article for more details on customizing the Toolbar.

If you no longer the need the Add-on/Status Bar at the bottom of the browser window, you can remove it by unchecking the 'Add-on Bar' option from the Firefox Options menu: